AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user a11nitz. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

first flight

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  • a11nitz

    Learn how to repair the Parrot AR.Drone motors

    It took me about 1 week ups ground to receive it… and yes it works great with the iphone 4…. I was using the IPAD because i needed to take the video with my iphone 4 and yes i have crashed, but it is very easy to control once you get used to it its worth the money if you are into this type of hobbie

  • epraider2012

    View Parrot AR.Drone RC tweaks

    Hey how long did it take for you to get it when you ordered? also i have a iphone 4 too, is it easy to fly on it too? and last have you crashed it yet? 🙂

  • a11nitz

    Compare AR.Drone prices

    Actually i’m useing my iphone 4 to take the video while i use my IPAD to fly the AR DRONE

  • michelle1920

    Like the Parrot AR.Drone on Facebook

    very nice!! what kind of camera did you use to shoot this video?? i asked because the quality is outstanding…