AR.Drone lightweight modification kit from – Now with optional GO PRO HD Mount !

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This video has been uploaded to by user TilfeldigNerd. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

For sale with international shipping at This is my first test of the AR.Drone lightweight modification I designed this myself and made it on my 3D printer. The weight of the new lightweight hull is only 52 grams ! This is almost a 50% weight reduction from the original outdoor hull. Sorry for flying out of focus in the start of the video and the poor quality

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  • TilfeldigNerd

    Download Free Flight for the Parrot AR.Drone

    Well the battery harness is designed especially so that you can choose where to center the gravity with the battery yourself just tighten the screws to make it sit tight where you like it, you would need to push it back a little bit with the Go Pro HD and Case on top (angled down at 30degrees) The is available in an alernative version with the Front Camera displaced at a 30degrees downward angle to make it mach the one of your Go Pro HD.

    The weight is reduced 50% by to 45g case is only 60grams!

  • AzzaTwirre

    Learn how to repair the Parrot AR.Drone central cross

    It certainly looks a bit zippier ! I think it could handle the GoPro without it’s case, but not with… You’ll see what I mean when you get yours. it’d be better with the battery put back a little and the GoPro in front of it to keep balance. Then you’re only about 40 grams over the original weight and everything is as centred as possible. She’ll still struggle, but in good conditions might get some nice altitude and fluidity…