AR.Drone – longest flight world record?

The following footage was recorded at 12 fps and is being played back at 24 fps, so the actual flight time was 13 minutes. In that time, the pilot of this Parrot AR.Drone managed to get more than 1.4 miles from his control device: an iPad hooked up to a mighty wireless transmitter!

AR.Drone 2.0 world record? 1.4 mile range with itElite SRA24019

We’re pretty sure this is the farthest an AR.Drone has ever been flown from it’s pilot, although we admit the set-up isn’t going to be practical for 99% of users.

If you want to increase the range of your AR.Drone without the need to strap a mini-satellite dish to your iPad or iPhone, we suggest you look at the MacGyver RC modification. For $150 / £95, these will triple the distance over which you can control your drone.

Buy the .

The more adventurous amongst you can pick up the SRA24019 Radio Antenna directly from itElite.

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  • Adam_Arnold

    That’s quite a distance, although the RC mod does look a lot more practical 🙂