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Drone Ace – app summary

Logic Consulting’s latest release, Drone Ace, is without doubt the most feature rich application available for the Parrot AR.Drone. For starters, Drone Ace combines a range of different control options with video and data capture capability.

Drone Ace is the first app for the AR.Drone which allows users to capture live sound from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. On top of this, Drone Ace has settings for controlling the LED pattern of your AR.Drone as well as list of pre-set maneuvers and stunts.

The feature list doesn’t end their either. Drone Ace caters for object tracking and autonomous flight, in addition to support for multiple devices and/or Parrot AR.Drones!

Drone Ace – available on iTunes

Drone Ace - UK download
Drone Ace - US download

Drone Ace – app video & images

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (1)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (1)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (2)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (2)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (3)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (3)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (4)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (4)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (5)

Drone Ace for the Parrot AR Drone (5)

Drone Ace – notes from the developer Logic Consulting LLC)

Drone Ace is the most feature rich app available to control your AR.Drone. No other app provides video recording, image capture, object tracking, autonomous flight, pre programmed drone animations, and light control all in the same app.

Note: An update is currently on the way that:

-Fixes no altitude control when in combined yaw/roll mode
-Adds emergency button in stalk mode
-Fixes possible landing problem when battery is low
-Adds session battery timer to minimal HUD mode

This app works with AR.Drone firmware 1.5.1 and above.

Drone Ace provides for 26 possible combinations control options allowing you to find the way you like to fly.

Drone Ace is the only app that allows you to record your iPod, iPhone, or iPad audio while recording video from the AR.Drone’s camera.

Tired of adjusting your settings every time you reset your drone? Drone Ace saves your settings so that even after your drone is reset or controlled with another app your settings will remain unchanged in Drone Ace.

Have two or more device’s? Watch and record video from your iPad while controlling the drone from your iPhone. To use this feature, just connect the device you want to control with to the AR.Drone first. Then start connecting secondary devices. Once Drone Ace determines the AR.Drone is already being controlled, it will allow you to connect as a non controller.

When using the iPad 2 as a display you can mirror the video to your HDMI compatible television while controlling the AR.Drone from a second device.

Control Options:

•Standard accelerometer (default AR.Drone style).
•Reversed Standard (left handed).
•RC Mode 1,2,3, and 4
•Optional elevation control inversion.
•Optional combined yaw for coordinated turns.
•Autonomous target stalking with yaw and elevation or yaw, elevation, and pitch. (target following).

Records video into H.264 encoded QuickTime movie format with optional device audio and optional flight data overlay (altitude, etc) or both. (Note: Video and Audio may be out of sync as we can’t control the possible lag times of the video reception over wifi). You can preview videos and images in the app and choose to delete them or export them to your camera roll. You can also export the movies and images using iTunes File Sharing.

Drone Ace allows you to record video from either the horizontal or vertical camera or a combination of the two. You can switch channels or even take pictures while recording. The videos are all full frame without black border even from the bottom camera.

This app is also the only app that ignores the device tilt settings when you choose to not use the accelerometer. Other apps can cause unexpected results from stick style control. Drone Ace allows flyers to have full range of control when using the sticks instead of a fractional finger movement causing a full blown command.

A major portion of development time was spent tweaking the joystick controls. We hope that flyers will enjoy the improved precision and range of motion provided by Drone Ace. The joystick touch detection algorithms allow fine control and reduce accidental elevation and roll changes when what you meant to do was pitch or yaw. (e.g. You can put the AR.Drone into a full power spin without changing altitude).

LED control and AR Drone action animations are configured while on the ground via an optional three button HUD overlays on the left and right side of the screen. After take-off, these buttons change from configuration buttons to command buttons and send commands to the drone.

User selectable HUD styles, Aviator and Minimal, keep the drone pilot informed with instrumentation showing altitude, roll, pitch, and battery level.

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