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My second outdoor flight trying to look around the area from a safe (high as I was willing to go at this time) altitude. This is the coolest geek toy you can buy, it is expensive but for what you get it is a good deal. Similar to other RC toys your investment is at risk but it is a blast to use. There is no better R/C vehicle available – this thing has technology dripping out of it, and it is a blast to use. Imagine what v2 or 3 will be like. I have had my drone for three days and and I love it, best Christmas gift I ever got. I find it better to fly it outside, and use the flightRecord app – what I used to record this video. The AR.FreeFlight app is ok, but the Flight Record is much better and works very well, and being able to look at your flight after it is over is interesting. The drone is easy to fly, but start in a wide open area not your home. It is difficult to fly inside, avoiding furniture and walls is not easy when you are learning. But in a wide open field you can get the hang of it quickly and more importantly safely. It is easy to fly, fun to try different settings. I have been trying to come up with a valuable way to use this for search and rescue. Thinking we could use it to look around an area while planning the strategy to see the area. Right now still trying to think of methods to use this for SAR, but I’m sure I will come up with something and use it for training soon. I have had problems with the unit, the worst one was when it lost the wi-fi

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