AR.DRONE turns complex fly patterns into an easy-to-pilot.

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In January 2010, we unveiled the Parrot AR.DRONE, the first ever flying Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with Augmented Reality. A DRONE HELICOPTER EVEN A CHILD CAN PILOT! For the first time an affordable helicopter will come with stabilized fly model, making it so easy to pilot even a child can control it. Thanks to its Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Inertial measurement unit (IMU) and sensors, the Parrot AR.DRONE turns complex fly patterns into an easy-to-pilot system. Children will pilot AR.DRONE instinctively, using the iPhone, without any learning curve. This allows for an incredible fly experience and acrobatics. A GAME CHANGER FOR THE WAY VIDEO GAMES ARE PLAYED INDOOR & OUTDOOR While the iPhone will display the HUD, controls, animations and sounds, the Parrot AR.DRONE will fly around you. Stop moving your iPhone and the AR.DRONE will stay put, steady, balancing its engines to fly as well as a hummingbird. The AR.DRONE can play solo games with Augmented Reality, reliying on 2D or 3D gametags in the real world to create virtual tracks or display virtual ennemies. Even better, a multiplayer demo experience is built-in: the “Drone War” allowing 2 AR.DRONE to compete for air supremacy, with virtual lasers and missiles! AN OPPORTUNITY FOR VIDEO GAMES PUBLISHERS & DEVELOPERS By registering on, you will be able to download the SDK, buy a AR.DRONE flying kit and start developing great and innovative video games. Thanks to the

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