AR.Drone unboxing, review and test flight!

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If you turned off annotations, turn it on for more info. Picked this up today just because I thought it was a cool gadget. I paid 299 Euro for it. I’ve never owned an RC helicopter, plane or anything before so I thought I would try this out. Very fun and easy to use, although there is a bit of getting used to at first. I suggest you start off by bringing the sensitivity down from 20 to 10 in the settings. Battery life could be much longer, but, apparently it’s in the works. One thing I would advise to anyone who gets one is that if you’re going to fly it outside at night, be prepared to fly it manually the whole time. Since the downwards facing camera can’t see the ground, it’s unable to keep itself steady on it’s own, and it will wander around, especially if there’s even a slight breeze. But it’s still fun! Also, flying over tall grass or mushy wet ground can mess with the sonic altitude sensors, so make sure you’re 8-10 feet in the air because it will drop down sometimes a foot or two… Another issue was my iPod Touch. I got a 1st Gen 16GB iPod touch when they first came out. I only used it for music and movies so I never updated it. The OS was still on version 1.1.4 and it was jailbroken so I could install whatever I wanted. The AR.Drone software requires at least OS 2.0. When I went to update my software on the iPod, it pretty much bricked it. I can charge it, but it won’t connect to iTunes anymore. So I had to go out and buy a new one (3rd Gen 64GB). So if you have

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