AR.Drone with Go Pro HD – lost in space

The owner of this AR.Drone was testing the quality of his new Go Pro HD and decided to see how high he could fly.  For the first minute and a half, everything is going to plan…..

AR Drone with Go Pro HD (fly away)

AR.Drone with Go Pro HD - user loses control!

As you can see in the video that follows, things then take a turn for the worse. More than 100ft above the ground, the pilot loses contact with the AR.Drone and it starts to drift away towards the Swiss Alps!

At 5:28 seconds into the video, the AR.Drone becomes low on power and starts to land automatically. For the next couple of minutes it spirals towards the ground, eventually coming to rest in a field. By this time, the pilot has lost track of the drone and spends the next four hours searching, to no avail.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The owner of this AR.Drone continues his search the following day and when he thinks all hope is lost, he gets a call from the local police….

“Are you looking for something, sir?”


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