AR.Drone with lightweight Go Pro HD kit

We noticed this lightweight AR.Drone on eBay and thought you guys would like it. It has been designed with the Go Pro HD in mind and weighs 32g less than the original shell, so you’ll notice improved torque, manoeuvrability and battery life.

The seller is based in Norway, but is happy to ship to the UK (£60) and the US ($95). Click here to view the auction.

Lightweight AR.Drone for Go Pro HD

Lightweight AR.Drone for Go Pro HD

The following information is taken from the eBay auction page:

Modified / Lightweight Parrot AR.Drone for Go Pro HD 

This is a custom made modification for the Parrot AR.Drone

This is the Black edition. It can ble flown both with and without the Go Pro HD Camera mounted on top. Without the camera the Drone makes for some unusually zippy and responsive flying, experience at your own risk ! =)

The Drone in the picture has the Go Pro camera arm raised to a 10cm hight.

The complete kit weighs only 50 grams with the Go Pro arm and platform, The original outdoor hul weighs 82grams, that is a reduction of 32 grams. Because this version is lighter than the outdoor you will experience som added tourqe too your drone, you can also expect flight time to increase slightly.

Spesifications for lightweight hull:
Diameter 9,2cm Height 6,6cm Material: ABS
Inner structure: Honeycomb (strong and weight reducing)

With this modification on your AR.Drone, it will become 32grams lighter. It will also do better at carrying payloads like a GO PRO HD camera due to the decreased weight. The lighweight hull replaces the original hull and all the original Parrot AR.Drone hardware parts fits snuggly inside the fuselage. That means more tourqe when flying your AR.Drone, and more payload capacity.

I have designed it to fit with the Original AR.Drone hardware parts with a very close fit. Each kit takes me about 3 hours to make on my 3D printer. The Original Cross from the AR.Drone is screwed into place with some brackets using the screws you have left over from your AR.Drone, the only tools needed for assembling this kit is the same as the ones you needed to dissasemble your AR.Drone.

You can use the original bottom cover from your AR.Drone, but using a carbon fiber bottom cover as in the picture above is also possible. The Carbon fiber plate in the picture is not included with this item, it is only to demonstrate the compatability with other modifications for the AR.Drone.

This modification kit will affect your AR.Drones original warranty and i can not be held responsible for any evenual problems that occur during the modding process or the operation of the drone hereafter. This modification kit is made by me at home purely as a hobby, i am not a professional in any way. I manufacture these at home with my industrial grade 3D printer, and the parts are made with a accuracy of 0.2mm. This is very close to what you will find in a industrial scale and custom moulding and injection moulding a part in plastic using traditional methods would cost at least several thousand dollars. I make small design improvements whenever i see the possibility for one and i will keep this listing updated with the latest model at all times, i am allways looking to increase the tensile streinght of the hull and making it even lighter and more awesome looking.

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