AR.Pro: an Android Parrot AR.Drone client

Control your Parrot AR.Drone with an Android Smartphone

AR.Pro is an advanced control application for the Parrot AR.Drone, compatible with Android Smartphones. The feature list includes object detection and tracking, as well as advanced configuration of your drone, including forward and back flashing firmwares, rebooting it remotely, and even applying a patch that frees the drone of its gimped ad-hoc only setup, enabling it to connect to Access Points and Hotspots.

AR.Pro: an Android AR.Drone client

AR.Pro: an Android AR.Drone client

The developer maintains two version of this AR.Drone Android application – AR.Pro (Lite) and AR.Pro. The latter, paid version, includes the following features:

Firmware 1.4.7 and 1.5.1 Swap
Adaptive Video Support
Android Tablet Support
Full Function Flight Mode (Sensors & Right Pad)
Reversible X/Y Axis Orientation
Deadzone tuning on all axis
Configurable Flight Controls
Object Recognition via Both Cameras
Object Follow/Tracking
Azimuth Based Yaw (Requires Compass)
Yaw Mixing and Rate Control
Flight Timer
Audible Alerts
Infrastructure Wi-Fi Patch
Device Pairing
Rename Drone
Drone Reboot
Optimized NAVDATA Reception
Outdoors / Hull Selection
Altitude LImiter
Built-in Anti-Fly away (not fully tested)
Altitude HUD
Battery Voltage HUD
Shellware’s own “Autonomous Flight” option
Complete OpenGL overhaul (features full QVGA display)
“Snapshot” screen shot option
Auto Connect for saved SSIDs option
Metric system support
Drone SSID change option
Drone IP address setting

For further help, information or to download AR.Pro, visit the developer’s website.

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