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This video has been uploaded to by user kidovate. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

Hey everyone! I shipped the drone back to warrenty repair, and they very quickly fixed, tested, and returned it to me. It is working perfectly right now, and I must say that I am loving it. I will be posting many more ARDrone videos from now on! Be sure to subscribe! Kidovate

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  • kidovate

    Find spare parts for the Parrot AR.Drone

    @Ec130Rhine Heya! I actually tried that and it did not fix the problem… Also this problem has been so since i first got the drone. I am a major supporter of ARDrone, don’t take me wrong. I shipped it back to warrenty repair after about 2 weeks of troubleshooting with them. After about 2-3 days they told me they had fixed it and were shipping it back. Great service, as long as its a warrenty problem.

  • Ec130Rhine

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    I think all you need this to order new gear and shaft because that one bent alot one you put in a new shaft it will work better so if I where you ordered the gear an shaft and let me know if it work