Bizarre ‘mod’ for AR.Drone 2.0

Do you remember Bart Jenson’s somewhat unique quadricopter design? No? Please allow us to jog your memory….

The Orvillecopter: a stuffed cat quadricopter

The Orvillecopter: a stuffed cat quadricopter

The Orvillecopter was Jenson’s way of paying tribute to his feline friend, Orville. The half cat, half machine was displayed at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam where it was noted as being a “little unsteady in the air”.

At the time, Jenson responded by saying Orville would be treated to larger engines and some bigger props for his birthday. We were curious to find out whether or not this ever happened, so did some Googling over the weekend. Our search was inconclusive, although we did find some footage showing Orvillecopter in flight and have added this to our original post on the stuffed cat quadricopter.

In the process, we came across this really bizarre modification for the AR.Drone 2.0. Clearly inspired by the Orvillecopter but lacking the dedication required to squeeze mechanical parts into a dead animal, this guy decided to cover his drone in feathers…

One thing is for sure: his AR.Drone 2.0 is unique!

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