Carbon Fiber Parrot AR.Drone

Black Carbon Fiber AR.Drone

Black Carbon Fiber AR.Drone

Carbon fiber is known for being lightweight yet incredibly strong so it was only going to be a matter of time before it featured on the Parrot AR.Drone.

Enthusiastic AR.Drone flyers have found many ways to integrate the material into the shell or structure of the quadricopter, however the process can be very time consuming.

White Carbon Fiber AR.Drone
White Carbon Fiber AR.Drone

If you’re after the look but don’t have the time to do the conversion yourself, you might find the following links interesting.

Find carbon fiber AR.Drone pieces on eBay.

White carbon fiber hull (1 left)

Black carbon fiber hull (1 left)

In the event we find additional carbon fiber modifications for the AR.Drone, we will post them in a subsequent update.

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