Flying Toys Parrot AR.Drone Appears In New York

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Following the International new product launch in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Cologne and London, Flying Toys are delighted to announce an agreement with Parrot to distribute the amazing AR.Drone in the UK. With around ten million hits on their YouTube channel and over five thousand user videos available online, the Parrot AR.Drone undoubtedly represents an unprecedented internet phenomenon as the ultimate flying toy. The world’s first quadricopter designed to be flown indoors or outside with an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad™ using Wi-Fi® technology, the AR.Drone features an autopilot facility to take itself off and settle at a predetermined height, holding an incredibly steady hover until instructed otherwise. Simply tilt the iPhone® away from the pilot to make the model travel forwards and towards him to bring it back. Similarly tilt the iPhone® left or right to fly the AR.Drone sideways, then press land to safely descend. Having mastered these basic controls slide the virtual throttle forward to climb and hold in a hover. Diagonal movements will make the AR.Drone spin slowly or rapidly in either direction, using a clever variable rate adjustment for increased control. Incorporating four powerful propellers to provide generous lift, a pair of gyros for superb directional stability, plus vertical and horizontal video cameras feeding live footage to an on screen display. A tough foam protective body shell is included for indoor use and a

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