Futuristic Parrot AR.Drone

Back in April of last year we shared details of this custom AR.Drone, which had been treated to a full white respray, a set of official NYPD stickers, flashing red/blue LEDs and a functional police siren.

If you liked the NYPD-drone, you’ll love this one. Not only has the owner gone for a full  visual overhaul, he’s also modified the internals to give this AR.Drone a whopping 200ft range and the ability to fly in adverse weather conditions.

The futuristic Police look is achieved with a custom paint job, some vinyl, a light bar, two sets of LEDs and a siren:

If you have the patience to build something similar, LED kits are available here and here. If we manage to find the sirens and light bar, we’ll post details on our Facebook page.

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