GAUI Quad Flyer 330X

AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user gauivdo. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

GAUI Quad Flyer 330X 2S,3S Battery test!

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  • rabone1963

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    dear sir I am having problems with my gu344 unit ,when I pull back on the stick to make it reverse it is giving me right aileron but when I give it right aileron it gives me right aileron but I cannot get it to reverse with this problem as it will not stablerize its self because of this problem could you give me some advice please let me know thanks I am using a spectrum dx6i radio with no mixing setting just as a plane

  • JoeVSvolcano

    Record in-flight footage with ARecord for the Parrot AR.drone

    check out uZYqLR9hY_Q there is a x/y stabilized mount for this quad now. Looks rock solid even in wind.

  • gauivdo

    View Parrot AR.Drone RC hacks

    Thanks for your information,we will pass to our engineer,thank you.

  • avacreativemedia

    Learn how to repair the Parrot AR.Drone navigation board

    Hello Guys – i own a video production company. We bought one of these for a test to see if it will film OK in a slight wind. Let me give you some info on this without gaui marketing.
    1. It wont hold steady hover in slight 5-8 mph wind for filming – period.
    2. You will need some sort of gyro stabilized mount for your camera to get a decent picture. – or you will need to stabilize the footage (if you can manage it) After in computer.
    3. Payload is not great-Meaning CMOS camera=Jelly Wobbly Film !

  • TheHobbuy

    Buy the Parrot AR.Drone online

    If this thing fly like that in wind im bruce lee .lol

  • gauivdo

    Find the best deal for the Parrot AR.Drone

    This is from Gaui , could you please tell us which country did you live in Europe, then we can introduce our distributor to you, thank you.

  • Ebdan88

    Crashed your AR.Drone? Learn how to fix it here

    Where can i get one of these….? I live in Europe. Please if someone knows a shop in Europe Drop a note, Thankl you…..
    This Could be a reall good Project to bring down one of thoes EVIL Chemtrails !? Dont you think so…, hehe.. No Just Joking….hehe…Where are thoes reall Herro’s gone. Has all this Hormon worked its way into the Society that people dont give a sheet anymore!!!?

  • randall1959

    View tutorial videos for the Parrot AR.Drone

    I just bought one of these. Are there directions how to change the nose angle?

  • TheRealblueangel

    AR.PowerFlight for the AR.Drone on iPad

    wow – very stable at this wind

    I bought one 🙂

  • psindrup – home of the Parrot AR.Drone

    I am really looking forward to this wonderful little quad AP ship. 😉

    Gaui – could you please tell me the main difference – handling wise – between running it in 45 degrees (=”nose” between motor 1 and 4) and in zero degrees (=”nose” at motor 1)



  • ElectricFlightExpo

    ARecord for the Parrot AR.drone

    Wow, very stable in 10 knots of wind…impressive!