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For more information on the Parrot AR Drone or to purchase one please visit: www.horizonhobby.com We meet with Bryan from Parrot Inc. to see what the new AR Drone is all about. This quadricopter is one of a kind with some incredible technology inside. From flying with your iPod®, iTouch®, or iPad® you don’t need a special transmitter to enjoy this new dimension of RC Flying. With full video forward and underneath you can keep an eye on just about everything. Using wireless signals you fly with absolute control from the precise accelerometers and gyro that are present inside the quadricopter incorporated with the onboard computer processor make flying easy for everyone. You can battle and dogfight with other quadricopter’s as well as fly both indoors and out. There is a full autopilot on board to take over if signal is lost and a full auto takeoff and land feature to make every flight perfect. Check out the video to learn more. iPod®, iTouch® and iPad® are trademarks of Apple, Inc. registered in the US and other countries.Questions? Comments? Feel free to e-mail us at Editors@HorizonRC.com For more information please visit the links below: www.horizonhobby.com If you like our videos check out our podcast, the R/Cast, every Thursday at www.horizonhobby.com Horizon Hobby is now on Facebook! Visit us at www.facebook.com Follow HorizonHobby.com on Twitter at twitter.com … (more info) (less info) View comments, related videos, and more

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