NBA star Steve Nash – Parrot AR.Drone – Challenge 4

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This video has been uploaded to by user parrot. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

Can you play better than Steve? NBA star Steve Nash gives soccer a try with the AR.Drone.

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  • Eddieinorlando

    View modified Parrot AR.Drones

    VoltXChrome – You’ll notice that there’s no damage to the indoor hull in this video – I play *way* more rough with mine than lightly tapping a soccer ball around. So far, I’ve had to replace one of gears because of a pretty spectacular crash when I didn’t have the indoor hull on – total cost $9.99 and I’ve got 3 spare gears still.

    All the breaky parts are cheap to replace, and most are very durable to begin with.

  • VoltXChrome

    Learn how to repair the Parrot AR.Drone hull

    Thats how you break it kids and every 1 else who plans 2 buy it.. Than u loose warrenty… Then u hav 2 pay for your indoor hull and etc.. It wasn’t made for soccer idiots. Hence the words AR (Augment Reality) gaming!