Parrot AR.Drone – suitable for kids?

AR.Drone 1.0 being flown by a 3 year old

AR.Drone 1.0 being flown by a 3 year old

With Christmas coming up, you might be asking yourself the question: is the Parrot AR.Drone suitable for children? In theory, probably not: the AR.Drone isn’t cheap and has a tendency to break when flown into inanimate objects.

However, modern kids are are seemingly born with an understanding of iOS and, taking into consideration the highly intuitive nature of the AR.Drone, it’s quite possible young children will be able to fly them with ease.

In the following video, you can see my son’s first attempt at controlling the quadricopter. I’ll be honest, attempt 1 lasted less than 2 seconds – with the AR.Drone ending up caught in a tree. After that he was a little more cautious:

Bearing in mind my boy has just turned three years old, I think he did pretty well. Should he ask to fly my AR.Drone in future I’ll be sure to upload the video!

[This footage was captured using Flight Record]

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