Product Review: AR Drone by Parrot – The Quadrocopter Drone

AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user ericdmann. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

I take a look at one of the coolest innovations in gaming, the Augmented Reality drone by Parrot. Check out for more LaaTJ!

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  • danitor18

    ARecord for the Parrot AR.drone

    the cat crawled away from it when it saw it. lol

  • Killer91109

    Crashed your AR.Drone? Learn how to fix it here

    Look for jetlag2222′s video.

    He put a GoPro HD camera (avaiable at stores for $300) and he was able to fly.

    All in HD and you could get some great shots with it.

    If you want to buy that… and the drone again I think it’d fullfill your needs…

  • johanbipbop

    Record AR.Drone flight footage with the Flight Record iPad app

    hey ericdmann another thing that could be happening is that it might be glitching out since you are in a neighborhood and you arent using a convintional transmitter. i could see that a big issue would either be interfierance or wind. This is going to open up a world of new possabilities and it looks beastly!

  • Ec130Rhine

    Drone Escape – an Augmented Reality game for the Parrot AR.drone

    I just think you didn’t set it up wright why it didn’t handle wright when you took it outside I had mine for 2 months now an I think it work great I even took it up at night 20ft when the wind was 0 n it was fine check out my video.

  • stvygr

    View our review of the AR.Pursuit iPhone app

    I have one, and find to to be exactly what I expect plus..If you were to compair it to RC Helicopters of the same size and weight, I think you would find it to be very stable and very easy to contol.