Programming the AR. Drone with URBI : ball tracking [Part 3]

AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user psyk0kw4k. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

This is a simple demonstration of 3D ball tracking with an ARDrone using URBI. The URBI program for this demonstration takes only 25 lines. More informations at

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  • alexedit1

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    this is awesome but for about $99 more I can get the new outdoors drone and can fly for like 30 minutes…I just got one at the FLYDRONE dote com website —

  • dyckmanhustla05

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    The prophecy has been fulfilled.. Skynet is going to take over the world, Terminators will rise all over the world.

  • KiranGlitch
  • kidovate

    The Parrot AR.Drone – an RC quadricopter

    @kidovate I was out of characters so anyway the drone stays at a considerable height above the NXT car so that it can see the surrounding area. It then uses other markers on the ground (found from the drone) to navigate the car. Yaw syncronization is done with the idea of two different colors on the robot, red front, blue back. That way, the robot knows which way it is facing in relationship to the path.

    Ideas 😀

  • kidovate

    The Parrot AR.Drone – an RC quadricopter

    Okay, so you can link URBI with Java and C++ etc. I am almost TOTALLY sure there is a library for every single joystick/video game controller out there for java/c++. That would also open up huge doorways for complicated vision systems like PTAM and SLAM. I am currently working on a project which allows a Mindstorms NXT car and a ARDrone to collaborate together to achieve a task – I.E the drone hovers over the car as it drives (use the color tracker for the bottom camera). (see my next comment)

  • kidovate

    Learn how to repeair the Parrot AR.Drone propellers

    @jalexartis hey dude, I don’t know if he has contacted you or not, but if you had any questions ETC i’ve played with this quite a bit, so I can help with any questions or ideas 🙂

  • jalexartis

    Download Free Flight for the Parrot AR.Drone

    This is so functional for an application I want to implement using the AR.Drone to video cycling. How do I contact you? I am James and have a blog at cyclingexperiences . com. Thanks.

  • gta97438
  • toine45