Repair 5: replace AR.Drone central cross

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The longest repair. Repair 5 – Replace Central Cross How to replace a damaged central cross AR.Drone spare parts and mounting tools are available on Step 1 : Remove the motherboard and nav board ( Repair video n°3 and n°4) Step 2 : Remove the central cross fixings Step 3 : Carefully bend the body to remove the damaged central cross Step 4 : Look for the FRONT indication on the central cross and mount it Final Step : Replace the nav board and motherboard ( Repair Video n°3 and n°4) Watch all Parrot AR.Drone movies: Follow AR.Drone on: Buy an AR.Drone on:

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  • locouk

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    I’ve just finished my CC replacement, it took me about an hour and a half. Some of it is really fiddly, plugging in the wires etc… Then I got the props on wrong, so swapped them around and had lift… I didn’t notice the forward pointer on the cross and installed that wrong, so I had to put that right too..
    All you need for the job is a T6 torx , small philips and small flat screwdriver.
    Good luck guys, and have patients… Lmao


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    After a fly of e few minutes (indoor) the drone crashed about 1,5m down on the floor. Now the central cross got broken….
    So I have to wait until I will get a tool thats small enought to open the drone and repair the cross. I hope that I can fix it without buying the complete central cross.

  • meeter85

    AR.PowerFlight for the AR.Drone on iPhone

    My ar drone lost control and was sent spinning up then just dropped to the ground and the landing gear chipped on the left and the cover for the nav. bored and the nav. bored broke what do I buy to fix all of this? Please tell me I know I need a new cross and nav bored but what about the plastic that covers it?

  • briakpal

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    can i test alone a motor?

  • idutcher

    View our review of AR.Flying Ace for the AR.Drone

    Same here first day, but that’s it did not respond to me and just flyed above the max range and crashed in the woods and felt down !

    Will it fall under warranty ?

  • epraider2012

    Like the Parrot AR.Drone on Facebook

    yea mine broke the first day i took it outside.bull