Robert Scoble Films’s Quadricopter Remote Control UFO Hovercraft at CES 2010

AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user dberkowitz. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) films a remote control toy hovercraft UFO (the Quadricopter by at the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010

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  • chrishouchins49

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    Okay I must go purchase one of these! How much and where do you get them? I’m assumin they’re not easy to control but I’m hoping they’re somewhat crash resistant. Either way, I want one and I plan to get one. Here in Dallas I never see cool things like this! I see the regular planes, jetsm helis, cars, ect,. but not ufo’s!!!!!!!! If someone would pleaee write me back with some info I’d b eternally greatful! 😀

  • stevesns69

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    Wow you’re so cool with your titanium dildo!!! Will you be my friend?

  • bulletproofrevo

    View Parrot AR.Drone RC tweaks

    Put that ofu near the ground while i go 90mph on my titanium e-revo LOL