Robot Simulator: AR Drone Quadricopter in V-REP

AR.Drone – user upload (video summary)

This video has been uploaded to by user marcimatz. Here is a summary of the video in their own words:

The video shows a simulation performed with the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform (V-REP: ). It shows several of its functionality distributed control (unlimited concurrently running threaded or non-threaded scripts directly attached to objects or models), dynamics (in V-REP the user can switch at any time from the Bullet Physics library to the Open Dynamics Engine, both are supported). Other features of V-REP that are not shown here: inverse kinematics (any mechanism, closed, redundant, with nested loops, etc.), fast mesh-mesh interference checking, exact minimum mesh-mesh distance calculation (for any type of mesh, also concave, open, polygon soup, etc.), proximity sensors (exact minimum mesh distance calculation within a customizable detection volume), camera-like sensors (with a large amount of available filter components that can be combined to achieve image processing), elaborate graphing possibilities, holonomic path planning in 2-6 dimensions and non-holonomic path planning for car-like vehicles, unlimited number of custom user interfaces with integrated edit-mode, integrated shape edit modes (triangle, vertex and edge), surface cutting simulation, etc. In this simulation, two AR drone quadricopters fly using V-REP’s dynamic particles functionality: the generated thrust is represented by “wind particles” that influence the environment or the quadricopters themselves. The AR drone model is courtesy of Eric Rohmer, the propeller CAD data is

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