The Orvillecopter – stuffed cat quadricopter

Named after the pioneering aviator Orville Wright, Orville the Cat met his maker further to an altercation with a speeding car. His Dutch owner, Bart Jansen, decided to pay tribute to his feline friend, turning him into “Orvillecopter”…

The Orvillecopter - half cat, half machine

The Orvillecopter – half cat, half machine

Should you want to see this half cat, half machine quadricopter, Orvillecopter can be found at the  Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Mr. Jansen says that a radio control helicopter expert was responsible for the transformation but admits Orvillecopter is a little unsteady in the air.

“He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday.”

Cool, if not a little freaky!

Update: we’ve managed to locate some footage showing Orvillecopter in action. Check it out!

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