The Parrot Jumping Sumo Robot @ CES 2014

When something like this pops up, we wonder whether there is any point in writing a blog post. Check out the following video and I’m sure you’ll agree, Parrot’s new iOS & Android compatible toy is going to be on many an AR.Drone owner’s wish list in the coming months.

Need we say more? Ok, go on then…

The Sumo is able to launch up to 80cm and thanks to an on-board gyroscope and accelerometer, it is able to right itself into an upright position upon landing.

Rolling on two large wheels the Sumo is surprisingly nimble and is able to make sharp turns as well as 360-degree spins on the spot. As with the AR.Drone, users can control the Sumo via iOS/Android phones and tablets. High resolution video is streamed back to the users phone or tabler via Wi-Fi.

Expect to see the Parrot Jumping Sumo Robot in stores later this year. Don’t be surprised if the best deals are on & respectively.

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